CampusBus travels around Greece and trains participants to do work as independent freelancers by using specific platforms. It’s a 2 day long training camp that will help each participants become familiar with the opportunity of doing work as an independent freelancers. They will learn about:

  • the the types of work available
  • the variety of freelance marketplaces
  • how to make themselves available to find work
  • how to write proposals for work, win projects and get paid
  • the legal framework around freelancing
  • how to gain and keep clients who will pay you for your good work
  • how to protect yourself from bad clients

– Who can participate?

Unemployed Greek or Refugees


Apply here:

-In which cities are you going?
The cities will be announced in our site.

-Do I have to pay for attending the workshops?
No, You don’t need to pay anything for participating on it

Apply now!

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